5 STAR GORILLA - PERFECT ReACTION Tee Lines 5x15 & up (5' wide by any length)

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with   GORILLA Wood Tee Turf™
It is So Easy to Roll Out Your Tee Line!

If you are looking for a Continuous Tee Line That Accepts Wood Tees
We have your solution!

Easy on Wrists and Elbows!
No Shock! • No Bounce! • Hit Down & Through! • Reacts Just Like Real Grass!

Our Perfect Re-ACTION 3-D Fiber System™ Re-ACTS Just Like Real Grass! COUNTRY CLUBS AGREE IT IS The PERFECT Tee Line™


All Weather Easy Drain BackingFeatures Our New
Urethane Easy Drain
Ultra- Dura-Flex™
All-Weather Backing

No Bounce!

5 Star Perfect ReACTION Tee Line
Available in Continuous Tee Line Rolls 5 feet wide by ANY LENGTH
With Urethane Dura-Flex Easy Drain Backing™
The NEW Tee Line Technology Just Rolled In!
All you need to do is roll it out!

Accepts Real Wood Tees the Entire Length of the Tee Line!
PERFECT for Country Clubs

NATURAL Look & Feel
Perfect ReACTION Tee Line at the Driving Range at a Country Club

5 STAR Gorilla Perfect ReACTION Tee Lines ™
Saves You Time And Money!

5 Star GORILLA Perfect ReACTION Tee Lines

  • 2-Color Natural Looking Turf for the PERFECT Look and Feel!
  • Perfect as a Permanent Tee Line or For Temporary Use - Just ROLL IT OUT Just as your Real Grass Heals, then roll away for storage!
  • Best of all - Your Tee Line will look PERFECT all season!
  • 1¼" Total Thickness
  • Urethane Backed GORILLA Wood Tee Turf

High Quality 5 STAR GORILLA Wood Tee Turf ™
Keeps Customers Coming Back to Your Range!
That Equals More Money in Your Pocket!
Affordable Luxury
Is the expense of
new range mats
or tee line
holding you back?

Well Not Anymore!

Finally - 5 STAR Golf Mats and Tee Line Turf
makes having a PERFECT range All Season...

So Affordable!
Martin Hall 5 Star Golf Mats

Martin Hall's 5 STAR Golf Mats and Tee Line Turf are Sold Direct!


For Top-of-the-Line Golf Mats and Tee Line Turf!

Martin Hall Takes the Worry Out of Which Mat or Tee Line is Right For You!

Martin Hall is a Name You Can Trust to Deliver the Perfect Golf Mats and Tee Lines for the Money!

5 STAR Golf Mats and Tee Lines
Without the 5 Star Price
BUY DIRECT Fast FREE Shipping!

You can have the best quality golf mats that last seasons longer...


Buying golf mats from ANY COMPANY that sells Pet and Baseball Turf. They are trying to pass off that cheap turf as golf mats. The quality is just not there and they only last for 1 or 2 seasons. NOT A BARGAIN!
Roll Out Tee Line Turf™
Perfect ReACTION Tee Line
Installation is easy! Use AS IS indoors or outdoors on any hard flat surface. Urethane Golf Mats may be glued down with any Urethane compatible glue available from any hardware store for a permanent outdoor tee box at home or at the range. Urethane Wood Tee Golf Mats are perfect for indoor use in the basement or garage, no glue required. Installation on dirt / grass / gravel is easy! Prepare the ground as you would for laying down stone pavers compacted stone (3/4 minus). You want approximately a 95% compaction just like the preparation for stone pavers. Make sure the surface is flat.

Another solution for using our Wood Tee Golf Mats on dirt / grass / gravel is our "5 Star Perfect ReACTION Wood Tee Golf Mats"™. They have an attached ⅝" base pad - no preparation required - just lay down and start hitting some balls!
More Info on the 5 Star Perfect ReACTION Wood Tee Golf Mats

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Marriot Hotels 10th Jan 2020

Perfect tee line. 12 of the resorts now have your roll out the woodtee line installed

All 12 of your 5 x 50 foot tee line range rolls are installed, Our guests have complemented us on the quality of your range turf. We have them installed on cement pads and the installation was as easy as you informed us. Thank you for the fast efficient service.

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Additional Info

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