Which Golf Mat is Right For You?

How do you determine which golf mat will best suit your needs?

This is a question that everyone asks when purchasing a golf mat. Sometimes it's easier to identify what we do not want based on our experience with golf mats. We have all endured those old-style golf mats at the driving range that feel like you are hitting down on concrete. We have also been frustrated with the old-style wood tee golf mats that feel real spongy when you stand on them. Armed with what we absolutely do not want in our golf mat, let's look at a better solution. Golf mats that are engineered for the golf swing coming down and through, just like you play on the golf course!

5 Star Golf Mats are designed by golfers for golfers. We manufacture our mats from the ground up and that allows us to have stringent quality checks from the smallest component to the finished product. It is for this reason 5 Star Golf Mats enjoys unsurpassed quality.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Golf Mat

What surface do you plan to put your golf mat on?

The surface you plan to practice on is an important consideration when buying a golf mat.


The 5 Star Golf Mat that have a 5/8" base pad are perfect for most any surface! As long as the surface is flat these mats will perform exactly as they were designed to!

  • 5 Star Perfect ReACTION Wood Tee Golf Mat (Style 1)
  • 5 Star Commercial Driving Range Golf mat (Style 3)
  • 5 Star Zoysia Fairway Deluxe Driving Range Golf Mat (Style 4)


The Urethane Backed Perfect ReACTION must go on a hard flat surface only. The Urethane Backing on this mat basically has no height to it, so it will take the shape of whatever surface you put it on. For this reason, we only recommend putting it on a surface like concrete, tile, or wood.
  • 5 Star Urethane Backed Perfect ReACTION Wood Tee Golf Mat (Style 2)

How tall is the tallest person who will be practicing on the golf mat?

You must consider the height of the tallest person to use the golf mat. Below is a chart to help you determine which size golf mat you will need.

A General Rule Would Be:

Your Height: 5´ tall to 5´ 3":
Mat Sizes: 3x5

If you are 5´ 4" and taller:
4x5, 5x5 or 5x5 Octagon (and larger)

Another sure-fire way to determine which size you need is to do the following:

  • Get some masking tape and measuring tape.
  • Go to garage or area you can tape off the area of your chosen golf mat size.
  • Measure and tape off a square or rectangle the size of the mat you are thinking of buying.
  • Stand inside the taped area with your driver and take a few swings and see how you feel. If you find yourself trying to shorten your stance or swing, you need a larger mat. If you feel comfortable with your driver - you are good to go!

Have you had injury or pain with your wrists or elbows?

If you have pain in your wrists and elbows, we have a few mats that would be perfect for you! Our mats have are being used in physical therapy offices to help rehab golfers after surgery. You don't want to just buy any old mat or you could be fighting an injury on the golf course that was caused by your golf mat!

We recommend the following mats for folks with painful joints.

  • 5 Star Perfect ReACTION Wood Tee Golf Mat (Style 1)
  • 5 Star Zoysia Fairway Deluxe Driving Range Golf Mat (Style 4)

Do you prefer to use wood tees directly into the turf, or rubber tees?

Whether to use Rubber Tees or your own Wooden Tees is truly personal preference. Many people prefer to be able to put their on wooden tee directly into the turf just as they would on the golf course while others don't want to have to pick up tees during/after their practice so they prefer the Rubber Tees.

Below are our golf mats and what tees you can use with each:

Do you want to practice heavily with your irons and wedges?

Unlike many mats on the market today, you may practice with irons and wedges on any of our golf mats! Swing down and through just like you would on the golf course!

Do you have, or plan to have a golf simulator that you need this golf mat for?

If you have, or plan to purchase, a golf simulator, we recommend getting a golf mat 5' x 6' or larger. This will allow plenty of room for the simulator as well as give you the space you need to swing your longest clubs.