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5 STAR Perfect ReACTION Golf Mat &
High Velocity 10x10x10 Commercial Golf Cage COMBO

FREE Golf Ball Tray!   FREE Rubber Tees!   FREE Shipping!

About the Perfect ReACTION Golf Mat:

5 Star GORILLA Perfect ReACTION Golf Mats
With Our State-of-the-Art Technology and High-Speed Machines
5 Star offers you the best quality at the lowest prices!
5 Star Golf Mats Feel Like Real Grass!

The only mat that is engineered with Perfect Reaction Technology!

Martin Hall's 5 Star Perfect ReACTION Golf Mats Feel Like Real Grass!

Why 5 Star Perfect ReACTION Golf Mats are Better:

  • This is the mat Martin Hall uses!
  • GORILLA Perfect ReACTION Golf Mats™ are the ULTIMATE Commercial Range Mats
  • The PERFECT ReACTION 3D Fiber System™ Reacts and Feels Just Like Real Grass
  • As you swing down and follow through you can feel the fat shots. Easy on the wrists and elbows. Eliminates the bounce and shock.
  • 30% Denser Turf
  • Use Real Wood Tees - No Shock - No Bounce
  • Natural Look and Feel
  • Industrial Bonded to a 5/8" Base Pad
  • 10 Year Life Expectancy
  • 10 Year Protection UV Warranty
  • Pay Less Buy Direct! Made in the USA!


Our GORILLA Perfect ReACTION Golf Mats™ are PERFECT for
• High-End Country Clubs • Golf Courses • Driving Ranges • Golfers
Who Demand the Very Best in a Wood Tee Style Golf Mat



Perfect ReACTION Golf Mats


Golf Mat Thickness:

  • Turf Height: 1¼"
  • Base Pad: 5/8" thick base pad provides the PERFECT Stance and Natural Feel.
  • Total Height: 1¾"
Use On Any Surface! • Concrete • Dirt • Grass • Gravel • Decking • PERFECT at the range!

Martin Hall's 5 Star Golf Mats are Satisfaction Guaranteed!
5 Star Perfect ReACTION Golf Mats Unsurpassed Quality

Unequalled Durability:

  • State-of-the-Art Technology
  • Precision Manufacturing - Superior Quality
  • All Weather - Indoor/Outdoor - Quick Drying
  • Industrial Bonded - Not Glued
  • Engineered for down and through shots from golfers of all levels
  • 30% Denser Turf
  • 100% Nylon (Will Not Stain Clubs)
  • 10 Year Life Expectancy
  • 10 Year Protection UV Warranty

5 Star Golf Mats Engineered For Golfers By Golfers
5 Star Golf Mats Last Several Seasons Longer
30% Denser 3D Turf™
Engineered Only For Golf
Engineered For Golfers By Golfers:

  • Instant Feedback! Fat, Thin or a Perfect Swing!
  • Easy on the Wrists, Elbows and Clubs!
  • Perfect ReACTION 3D Fibers React to Give You the Feel of Taking a PERFECT Divot.
  • Use Your Own Wood Tees - Set Your Desired Tee Height - Will Hold Your Wood Tee Any Place on the Mat.
  • No Shock - No Bounce! Shock Absorbing PERFECT ReACTION 3D Fibers Will Absorb and Solve the Bounce Problem You Experience With Old Style Wood Tee Golf Mats.
  • Use All Clubs - Drivers, Irons/Wedges
  • 100% Made in the USA!

5 Star Perfect ReACTION Wood Tee Golf Mats
are the Best Mats You Can Buy!

Perfect ReACTION Golf Mats Take A Real Wood Tee!
So Versatile! Dual Use!

No Rubber Tees Required You Can Insert a Wooden Tee Directly Into the Turf OR...

If you prefer rubber tees, 5 Star Perfect ReACTION Golf Mats are pre-punched for OPTIONAL use of Rubber Tees. You can still use irons and hit down and through shots.

The Best of Both Worlds!
All 5 Star Perfect ReACTION Golf Practice Mats Come With Free Golf Ball Tray and Free Rubber Tees!


The 5 Star Difference - Engineered Only For Golf

5 Star Golf Mats Last Several Seasons Longer
30% Denser 3D Turf™

Perfect ReACTION Technology

Quality is Key

When Buying a Golf Mat.
Precision Manufacturing = Precision Quality. Everytime.


Martin Hall has quality tested each product and given his 5 Star Seal of Approval!

Finally a site where you can shop with confidence with one of the top Golf Instructors in the world!
If you are looking for quality products at great prices - you have arrived!
Martin Hall Satisfaction Guarantee
If you are unhappy with any of Martin Hall's 5 Star Golf Products, simply return your unused purchase for a NO HASSLE REFUND!

Who else offers this kind of guarantee?
Shop With Confidence - YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE!

About the 10x10x10 Golf Cage:

High Velocity GORILLA Commercial Golf Cage™
10' x 10' x 10' With Baffle Netting and Target


5 Star Golf Cages - the #1 Cage In Golf™
Commercial-Grade Golf Cage
Spacious 10' High x 10' Wide x 10' Deep
Excellent for Commercial Settings as well as Residential Use
This high quality cage is constructed of dense UV treated ⅞" black heavy duty mesh for maximum life
High Quality - Best Cage on the Market!
Black Netting

Satisfaction Guarantee
Martin Hall Specializes in High-End Golf Mats - Putting Greens - Golf Nets & Cages
5 Star Quality Without the 5 Star Price! Made in the USA!

Use Real Golf Balls
Check out the
Assembly Video
& Written

Double Back Stop With Target!
High Velocity Netting™
5 Star GORILLA Golf Netting
High Velocity Impact Baffle

The safety High Velocity Impact Panel is constructed of heavy duty Archery Netting

The High Velocity Baffle Panel is hung separately, adding a second layer of protection.




Includes frame corners
Assembly is very easy!
1" frame corners are included for you to construct your own frame.

You will need to purchase twelve 10' lengths of EMT steel (conduit) to complete your frame. The EMT steel can be found at most home improvement stores and is very inexpensive.

Lowe's EMT Steel Conduit SKU # 72715

Home Depot EMT Steel Conduit SKU # 580015


Reviews (1)

John Swenson 15th Oct 2021

10 X 10 X 10 hitting net/cage

Very heavy duty and is working great in my indoor hitting area in my barn.

Additional Info

Additional Info

$0.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
SAVE 8%:
With Golf Mat/Net Combos!

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