Rubber Tees or Wood Tees - Which Is a Better Fit For Me?

Whether to get a mat that requires rubber tees, or to go for one you can put your wood tee directly into the turf is a decision you will need to make when buying a golf mat.

Many golfers like the rubber tees because they won't be picking up tees during their practice time.  Other golfers prefer to use the same tees they use on the course.

Lucky for you - we have both!  Our Commercial Golf Mats and Zoysia Fairway Golf Mats both require rubber tees.  Our Perfect ReACTION, whether you get the 5/8" base pad or the urethane backing, allows you to put your wood tee directly into the turf just like you do on the golf course!

Our Perfect ReACTION also comes with holes for rubber tees (and you will get rubber tees free with your mat).  The rubber tees are not necessary on this mat, but we had enough folks asking for the option to use them if they wanted to - so we started giving your that option!  If you don't want to use them - just tee up your ball just like you would on the course!

It's really personal preference which way you go - or maybe the style of turf would rule your decision more than the type of tee you use.

One thing is for sure, no matter which 5 Star Golf Mat you choose - you can't beat the quality and performance you will get!