What Surface Do I Need To Put My Golf Mat On?

The surface you plan to practice on is something to consider when purchasing a golf mat!  First, you want to have a level surface for sure.  

If you are planning to practice in your backyard on the grass, consider any of our golf mats except the Perfect ReACTION Urethane Backed Golf Mat.  The Urethane Backed Golf Mat really needs to be on a hard flat surface like concrete, wood, or tile. 

If you are practicing on concrete, a deck, or tile floor, literally any of our golf mats will work for you!

Do you need to build a frame for your golf mat?  No, it is not necessary, but some folks like having a frame around their golf mat especially if they are practicing in their backyard.  If you do choose to build a frame for your golf mat, we suggest not building it until your golf mat is delivered.  This way you will be sure your frame is the perfect size!

Can you place your golf mat on carpet? Absolutely!  Our golf mats will perform exactly as they are supposed to on carpet.  The Urethane Backed Perfect ReACTION is best on carpet with a firmer pile, but the other styles will do just fine on any carpet!

Why is the Urethane Backed Perfect ReACTION's requirements different than the rest? The Urethane Backed Perfect ReACTION is made from the same material as our Tee Line.  We had so many requests for it in mat sizes we started offering them!  The Urethane backing basically has no height to it, so it will take the shape of whatever is beneath it.   It is for this reason we recommend a hard flat surface for this mat!