How do I Install 5 Star Golf Net Impact Panels and Still Have Portability?

Our Golf Net Impact Panels are so versatile!  If you need portability and don't really need or want a frame, the Golf Net Impact Panels are perfect for you!  With borders on all four sides and grommets every 12", you can hang them vertically or horizontally!

Many golfers who have purchased these use them in their garage or basement.  They hang them on a wire or cording by shower hooks.  They are able to stretch out the net when they want to practice it and push it out of the way when they don't (just like you would with a shower curtain)!  

Others hang them between two trees or poles for practice outside.   We have several people who put theirs on the corner of their tennis court, attached to the fencing!

Teaching facilities often use them between practice booths.  

The Golf Net Impact Panels accommodate your needs whether portable or permenant - these golf nets are made to withstand real golf balls while you take your best shot!  They come with targets and we recommend you use the target hanging in front of your Golf Net Impact Panel to protect it from knicked up golf balls.