What Kind of Golf Net is Best For Me?

One thing is for sure - if you want to practice your golf swing without worrying where the ball is going, a golf net is a no brainer!  

Things to consider are where you are going to practice, and do you want to leave the net up or do you need to have the option to take it down when you are not practicing?  Do you need a frame or would you rather just hang the net with no frame?

Once you have given those questions a little thought - let's break it down to specific golf nets!

If You Need a Portable Golf Net That You Can Take Down Easily

The Automatic Return Golf Net is what you are looking for!  This is the best portable golf net we have seen on the market in a very long time!  The reason we say this is there are no fiberglass poles on this net, and the netting is very strong and durable.  Many of the portable nets on the market have fiberglass poles.  They are fine until your ball smacks one of the poles just right.  The pole will break and there goes your net!  

The Automatic Return Golf Net also either returns the ball to you or it comes with a sleeve you can put on the bottom of the net to collect your balls there.  Another reason we love this net is if you are practicing on your garage or driveway on concrete - you won't have balls bouncing around!  The Automatic Return Golf Net literally puts up and comes down in SECONDS!  You can leave it up if you want to - but if you need to take it down - it's so easy and quick!

Are You Looking For a Net to Leave Up in Your Practice Area?

The High Tech Golf Net is a perfect choice!  The High Tech Net is large enough to practice any way you want, but not so large that it engulfs your practice space.  The frame is very stable and the commercial grade netting allows you to practice your swing without worrying where your ball is going to wind up!  Put up the High Tech Golf Net inside or out, it is made to last! 

If You Want Golf Net But Don't Want the Frame

Our Golf Net Impact Panels are the match for you!  Our Golf Net Impact Panels come with borders on all four sides and grommets every 12".  This allows you to hang your net vertically or horizontally!  Our Impact Golf Net Panels are made from very durable commercial grade netting.  Whether you plan to hang your Impact Golf Net Panels and leave them up permanently, or you want to hang them so you can push them out of the way when you are not practicing, you can be confident your golf net will keep your ball from wreaking havoc while you practice your swing!

So You Want a Golf Net That's a Bit More Serious?

Our 10' x 10' x 10' Golf Cage is just what the doctor ordered!  Our Commercial Grade Golf Practice Cage is one of our oldest and most popular with teaching facilities, golf courses, college and high school golf teams, trade show vendors, and individual golfers alike.  Our golf cage is made with commercial grade netting, and has a baffle panel that hangs 1' from the back wall that is made of archery netting.  You won't get a golf ball through this cage!  

No matter what your golf practice needs are - we have a net for you!