Which Golf Nets Are Best For A Commercial Environment?

If you are purchasing a golf net for a commercial environment, we understand the importance of harnessing those balls away from property and people!  We have a few options that are tried and true, and have been able to pass Martin Hall's strict standards!

The most popular commercial golf net we offer is our 10' x 10' x 10' Golf Cage.  This cage is being used by golf courses, colleges and high schools, HOA's, in trade show booths, and individual backyard golfers alike.  This net is one of our oldest and most widely used golf nets for people who need to be able to keep the ball contained while being able to hit real golf balls and swing as hard as they want to!

The next option is a very close second to the golf cage, but is much more portable.  Our Golf Net Impact Panels are also used by teaching facilities, high school and college golf teams, as well as individual golfers.  These nets are very strong and have the flexibility of size as well as being able to be hung horizontally or vertically.  They have borders on all four sides with grommets every 12".  Many folks hang these from a wire or string with shower curtain hooks.  When they want to practice they open it up and when they don't, they can push it back just like a shower curtain!  Some of our teaching facilities use them between practice booths to protect their students and keep each practice area secure.  We have folks who hang them in the backyard when they want to practice between trees or poles - or even on their tennis court hanging on the fencing in the coner!

Whichever way you go - you can buy with confidence your balls will stay inside the golf net!